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Eau Claire North Side Neighborhood Association
Welcome to The Neighborhood

Welcome to the "North Side Hill Neighborhood Association website"
Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for more information.

We would really like to plan some fun activities this year. If you have some ideas of what we can do, and where we could hold the activity, please send an email to

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The annual meeting of the North Side Hill Neighborhood Association was held on Sunday October 17, 2014 at 6:30pm at Bonnie's Labor Temple on Birch Street. There was a social gathering held from 6:00pm untill the meeting started at 6:30.

The president welcomed everyone and gave a short introduction about the association. The annual elections were held.

The new officers for 2014 are:

President: Kami Nemetz

Secretary: Jen Joslin


After the elections, Blaine Powell gave a presentation about the neighborhood concerns in regards to the construction that is occuring around Galloway, Star, Wagner, and Bellview streets. He showed some videos and possible solutions to some of the traffic and tree concerns.

Brian Amundson spoke for the city and gave a presentation on some of the city's concerns. He also showed several "big picture" maps that described how the city infrastructure worked together.

These presentations generated a lot of discussion, and the president suggested that the attending members send her an email or letter stating their top 5 concerns. The association will be meeting with the city again in January to go over some proposed plans for moving forward.

The last speaker of the night was the superintendant of schools. He introduced himself and then had a QA session with the association. He described the referendum that should be coming out next April. He also talked about some of the school closings, and some of the staffing issues that have been addressed recently.

As soon as there is some feedback from the neigborhood, we will schedule the next meeting.